Rachel Carson Intermediate School

The Arts at the Rachel Carson Intermediate School

The Visial Arts At the Rachel Carson Intermediate School for the Arts, students take an artistic journey through different time periods and cultures via creating, critiquing and presenting artwork. Students will develop skills, which include drawing, painting, collage, 3-dimensional artwork, as well as written and verbal skills to analyze various works of arts. They will have the opportunity to experiment and refine skills using a variety of art media. Elements and principles of design will be emphasized in each project, allowing students to develop skills which will enable them to bnecome life-long learners, consumers and supporters of the arts; an indespensible form of creative expression.

Chorus - Our common core aligned Chorus class focuses on group cooperation and performance. It demands discipline of every individual, as the group is only as strong as its weakest link. We concentrate on proper posture and breathing. Through our solfege exercises, we work on developing our vocal range with an emphasis on correct pitch. We prepare two festivals each year that combine the work of the visual art and music classes. For our concert program, we have worked on pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods in music. We also work on harmonizing current pop songs. We feature student accompanists on piano, guitar, and other instruments. We are preparing to audition to sing the national anthem at CitiField to open a Mets baseball game. Click here to listen and/or download music

Strings Program Our Strings program, led by Mr. Jevens, is aligned with the school's focus on Arts integration into core content areas. Students experience musical performance, appreciation, and techniques from the different time periods and styles. The class focuses preparing students to be self-sufficient in note reading notes, proper technique and knowing how to recognize what style of bowing to use for the appropriate phrase of notes. Additionally, students in the strings program are frequently part of the Queens All-County String Orchestra.

Concert Band - This course engage students in performing based learning, while expanding their knowledge of Music specific terminology, history, instrumentation and styles. Students are not only encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on various styles of music but to also grow more confident in their own musical expression. During our music classes, students will be exposed to a wide range of musical styles and genres, including Hip Hop, R & B, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Folk, as well as music from various cultures. Students will have the opportunity to not only share their own opinions on the music being covered in class, but to also compose and perform their own music.Click here to listen and/or download music