Final Project:
Website Project: Students will make a basic website consisting of four pages. The four pages will be on a topic studied in any subject area this year. (exceptions possible)

The four pages will be:
facts, images, links (resources) and a page describing the website.

Website Assignment

Sample Website

Marking period 4 will address issues students confront when working in a network environment.

Students will be working with Mac OSX network permissions which are based on a Unix OS. Students will learn strategies to help them succeed while working in a network, as well as gain a basic understanding of file and folder permissions.

Permissions Defined


Students will also get a more in depth look at web forms and web form elements.

MS Excel will be revisited introducing the classes to basic usage and creation of formulas and functions.


MP4 Assigmments
Permissions Defined
Group and Permissions
Form Elements
Excel Seating Chart Problem
Excel for Math

Previous Assigmments


Marking period 3 was focused on Internet usage and Cyber Safety.

The video links are the original videos from which edited versions were used for class lessons. Additional resource links are provided below.

Video Links
Caught in the Web - grade 6
Jigsaw for 8 -10 year olds - grade 6
Cyber Bullying Public Health Promotion Video - grade 6, 7
The Truth Behind the Screen - grade 7
Once Posted You Lose it - grade 7
Additional Web Resources
Cyber Security Tips for Teens


This year's technology program will be comprised of cyclical components.
Component one will consist of basic computer skills. The topics will include
file management and organization.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Photoshop
Internet browsers

Each component will include one or more quizzes.
As the year progresses, the components will revisit earlier topics and expand
in depth and complexity.

The following classes have computer class this year:

601 606 612 705
602 607* 613 708
603* 608 701 710
604 610* 702 711*
605 611 704 712

Each class meets 1 period a week

* indicates meets 2 periods a week

Technology class this year will require two supplies. First would be a USB drive.
Anything between 2 and 8 gigs should be sufficient.

Second please try to obtain headphones or earbuds

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